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    Music can affect consciousness in many ways. Misinterpretation of the actual spoken message of the song can lead to one fill in the blanks they do not hear or understand. Language is tricky in the first place so it is easy to misinterpret. And if you are one who is deeply enthralled in music then it would be advised thatat you study the lyrics of your favorite songs to make sure it is the same message that you think it is.. otherwise, you would be under some sort of trance that May or may not have been intended by the artist. The origin happens in even passively listening to a song, the energy.they put into it and what their intentions are by the lyrics. They core of these songs were intended to move another's consciousness to take attention upon themselves. Are their experiences that they are portraying really that important? People have a tendency of making song artists idols, and we all know that is not healthy, the focus on ones individual experience, yes it's nice to come across music that resonates with you but in real life you mean nothing to them and Vis versa. Stop looking for people for answers, idols, public figures, friends, family, and in the least myself. Insobeing, this answer is not what you want and probably had nothing to do with your expected answer.Β 

    What do you think about the musics affect on consciousness?

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    Oscar lopez

    I have noticed that out of all the arts, music is the one that has the most direct and instantaneous effect on our consciousness.I think that for personal growth and transformation, We must be very mindful of the types of music we listen to.

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    Leroy Light

    I too am searching for more detailed and practical information regarding this subject.

    I have been offered the opportunity to work on a project: Producing audio to be used as background music for spoken meditations - One track per meditation per chakra. The intention is for each individual track to be appropriately crafted to hold space for the balancing of a specific chakra.

    I need information on how and which various Tones, Rhythms, Frequencies, Harmonies and Instruments affect which chakras and in what way and capacity.

    My intention is to find an information resource to combine intuitive creation of music with "technical" knowledge and wisdom.

    Please, if a source is known or is available, I desire to be directed to it.

    Many thanks. Wholeness. Unity. Balance.


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    I would expand the parameters of this question to ask "how does the consumption of all things that carry a frequency potentially affect our health/being and consciousness?"? Everything that we consume carries some type of impact or ripple through our being, whether it enters through our ears, we experience it through the eyes/gateways to the soul or we inhale or eat it and it enters our bloodstream becoming a part of us/altering our DNA/molecular structure. All things vibrate at a frequency. Some things you can look at the structure of under a microscope and see a beautiful harmonically congruent structure ie (sacred geometry) other objects or cells will appear broken down, distorted or even sick. The study of cymatics is incredibly interesting and relevant to this topic. There is no separation, it is all relevant and related. Although I admit that I am not perfect nor do I aspire to be, I have become more conscious than ever of what I choose to consume through any orifice. You are what you eat and are likely to implement, repeat or at least be impacted by behaviors that you are subjected to because of how frequency and wavelength behave / work / operate.... I own basically all of the gangster rap or hard-hitting hip hop / rap music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s and most of it gets no play in my ride today. Fortunately, there are some conscious MCs that have maintained throughout the years and still hold themselves to a high standard of lyrical content, spirituality, truth and production. A few that I would still hold in high regard that are by no means perfect in all respects would be: Rakim, KRS-1, Immortal Technique, Sadat X, Dead Prez, Lauryn Hill, Damian Marley, Mos Def / Yasiin Bey, Black Thought, Brother Ali, Gift of Gab, GURU (Rest in Power) K'naan, should I leave out Nas, Talib Kweli and Common?😲 I've recently noticed some new and upcoming, along with a few other underground veterans that have eluded my attention over the years such as Yugen Blakrok:( )
    Kalki AKA Sunya Das: ( )
    Ryuken Vs: ( )
    K-Rino: ( )
    sometimes Everlast, B.o.B, Locksmith, The Siege (who sounds like Kanye) Slug from Atmosphere and Lupe Fiasco... It's kind of a WTF moment when I find a Hip Hop artist that's been around for a while that I wasn't aware enough of but I always appreciate when their body of work crosses my path. Discovering and experiencing great music for the first time is an unprecedented gratifying experience for this DJ Wagz Minneapolis
    πŸ’ΏπŸŽšπŸ’ΏπŸŽ™πŸŽ§πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸ’œ ~ )(
    I'd like to add how amazing it is that sound therapy has actually returned to society as an accepted method of healing and is becoming mainstream for treating Alzheimer's, dementia, PTSD, brain and mood disorder and other ailments. Check out the documentary Alive Inside.
    Wholeness Tribe

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    Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar


    you could also check out this artists:

    Daylyt ( you got his full new album Lytskin on yt)

    J Cole is dope

    Ab Soul is a great poet

    Lido Pimienta (song Humano is awesome)


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