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    Camille Potter

    This is a multifaceted question for sure. One I’ve asked myself many times, having a desire to create a Waldorf home environment when my daughter was a baby/toddler and then becoming a single parent and finding the convenience in a little Netflix educational tv while mom took a shower, etc.

    We don’t have cable or tv services with news broadcasts or anything like when I was growing up. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime video. The majority of what the kids watch is educational (both are 5 in our blended family) and they don’t watch daily.

    I think a better question is: What can our kids do instead of watching tv that encourages their creativity, wonder and satisfies their need for entertainment. We are all capable of entertaining ourselves but we find that technology offers distractions disguised as entertainment which for the most part are not enriching and do not encourage individual growth, expression or thought.

    Thanks for asking this question because as we head into a new homeschool year (for the first time with two kids) and the first year as a Waldorf inspired homeschool with two in kinder, this reminds me why we are doing what we are. 🙏🏻💖

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