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    Alex Tarris

    Heh. Checkout my google drive here. look at the Manuals link. Maybe start with Kathara 1 manual.

    To my knowledge there is no other teaching on the planet currently besides the above which is the Freedom TEachings/Tan Tri Ahura Teachings  that gets into not just lightbody chakas but what actually creates the chakras!?

    Rrrrrrright?? Kind of a logical question to ask. Chakra this chakra that chakra chakra chakra...yes that's all great but WHERE and HOW are they formed oh Master Teacher (fill in the blank). You'll notice that you'll find very few people actually asking this question nor answering it because of the level of awareness and development of that being and they have not reached the point to ask it...the knowledge and innerstanding of all of that stays dormant in the unconsciousness. 

    So here I am as you giving you perhaps a quick leap opportunity through suggesting the question...and may now your quest lead you more directly to the causal planes. You have a Dark matter Rasha Template that creates your Lightbody radon vehicle, you have a Spirit body Elum eir adhona JhaRE that creates the Dark Rasha templates, then you have plasma and plasm pre-matter vehicles bodies that create all of that. You will find similar structures of chakras in these other bodies and the innerstanding of how the chakras are formed in lightbody is the secret to innerstanding the ReushaTA spiral that runs the Hara Chamber of the KaLE Hara Krista Chamber. Through how those spirals also are formed in the structures is the process of what forms the vortice sets. 

    When you start to ask how are chakras formed that is when you get deeper into biospiritual anatomy and realize Oh my source there is so much else beyond chakras as well. Ever hear of Meridians? Ask the question besides knowing where meridian points and lines are...HOW were the meridians formed? 

    These How questions are crucial because so many well intentioned people on the path are spending so much of their time and energy attempting to clear and heal external lightbody meridians and chakras but never touching the deeper causal scalar wave templar where the real coding is. So they might keep redoing the healing work over and over and over again wondering why they thought they had healed a particular miasmic pattern manifesting in their health, consciousness, life and why it's not back again some time later. LOL. sound familiar?? 

    To recode the chakras at their Seed Seal and Star Seal levels, you actually don't even go directly to the chakra location first...there is so much missing knowledge about the structure and mechanics of the biofields. Anyways enjoy the teachings and information in the link above. 


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    Peter B

    Thank you for This!!

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