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    Humans are generally asleep at night because they can’t access the full spectrum light of themselves when they sleep they are in the higher world. If they are conscious while sleep “lucid dreaming” then they have gained permission through somehow figuring out how to balance their energetic field. This involves tantra, with oneself or another. In addition, you dream about your activities during the day although they appear to take on strange form at times so do keep in mind actions in this tense includes your thoughts during the day.

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    I’ve been lucid dreaming sence I was I small child I stopped dreaming but I think it’s the wi fi well I think the WiFi makes them hard to remember. It’s just a matter of being conscious your dreaming. I’ve had lucid dreams were I could fly but not to far away from were I am . I’ve also had lucid dream exp I was rollerblading naked down a highway in the desert. I new I was dreaming but I was not in total control I think it was because I was in prison . Lucid dreaming can be more fun than being awake especially wen you can wake up and go right back we’re you started I’ve started trying to change this reality in that one but what we do there comes out diff here but lately that’s my dream I’m working on a puzzle off sorts sliding diff color coded crystalline slides with the colors in diff order . In the dream the slides start to disappear and are left with just an out line. And what I haven’t finished apears in front of me like a frog forms around a tad pol before it becomes a frog . That’s proof that something happens somewhere else first

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