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    Alice Jennings

    Redirect the behavior. Remember that you are the adult and yelling at your little one will only have negative results in the long run. Be firm but kind.

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    Alice Jennings

    Redirect the behavior. Remember that you are the adult and yelling at your little one will only have negative results in the long run. Be firm but kind.

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    Camille Potter

    Hmmm...”bad”. I think this term isn’t appropriate to use because “good” and “bad” are subjective to societal views. If it’s a behavior you find less desirable, please call it that and find yourself keeping the other labels at bay. When our kids here us say using those labels, they label themselves and their self talk begins to reflect that, and the confusing and convoluted web begins to be spun.

    There are many reasons kids will “act out” and the stage of development/age is incredibly important to consider as is any trauma in their lives which can range from moving to a new home, switching schools, divorce, single parenting, death of a family member/pet, and the list goes on.

    Asking your kids questions is a great way to allow them to share with you and even learn what could be leading to the situation you are finding yourself frustrated in. Approaching the situation with love and understanding the logic in the method you implement will be instrumental in your “success”.

    I’m a parent who has been struggling with our blended family the last year and both kids are 5 (7 months apart, one coming from each of us). We are almost done taking a co-parenting class which has already given me so much insight and some tools to start implementing. There’s a longer course that has been around for years, Love & Logic, which we are taking next. My partner already has an amazing grasp on many of these techniques, however I’ve found myself losing my mind it seems and reacting vs creating understanding and finding solutions. Many people have expressed that this course is eye opening and while it still takes effort on your part to grow the understanding and implement the tools you learn, it’s just what is needed and helps you to create a better relationship with your kids and bring peaceful “order” into your family (or teaching) environment. Turns out at least 5 families I know signed up for the same course we begin next month and as a leader in my local parenting community I’ve heard of this course many times. I think it’s a great thing to look into. A local church (which we do not attend) offers these course and many others to the community for free so I encourage parents to seek it out.

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    Soren Hirro


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    Ask the child why are the acting that way an how are they feeling and what could you do to help to feel better and share some insight on yourself an you own behaviour and how your behaviour effects others

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