Even with our chakras activated, how can we avoid that activated energy from being used by or overshadowed by another being?



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    Mindful Adept

    To speak of the state of activation before it occurs leads to many misunderstandings. Once activated you are able to perceive things much further into their depths. These forces while being able to fool most humans are still very weak compared to the activated human, obviously because they carry on in seclusive frequencies. So to make it simple you cannot be fooled by such forces when activated because you see several signs of what is about to occur before it does, thus allowing you to plan and avoid it. Higher frequency means greater perception of the full extension of one's timeline, even going beyond timelines.

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    Is it possible that such a thing can happen as one is building up the activation energy...for example, neophite puting in the work cleansing & building up energy but just before enough energy is build up to begin going active...the so called overshodow or culprit takes advantage before your activation..? In one sense it feels like the dog reverting back to it's own vomit then on another it feels like manipulation & coercion.

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