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    Mindful Adept

    To map out the body’s animalistic makeup for purposes of higher Self-knowledge. Our bodies are made of the biorhythms of all the animals and the 12 main archetypes could be seen as a diagram for self-knowledge or a program designed to keep you limited it all depends on the mind of the aspirant.

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    Alex Tarris

    Yes the comment on the "keep you limited" is knowledge not many are aware of. It can be referred to as the Solar Cross Zodiacal Misalignment mutation. This then manifests in the spiritual anatomy and biology of all life fields down here in the planetary systems. 

    Our planet as well as our milky way are off the 12 point axis line or Rod and Staff are at a 22.5 degree tilt which also fundamentally effects then the merkabic structures making them unable to plug into the higher domains to pull direct life force current. Our Milky way is what is referred to as a phantom matrix because of this. 

    The prison or prism of the 7 colors is part of this mutation that manifests unnaturally in the human biofield to create divisions of the auric field and this is why for example we have an unconscious mind, subconscious and conscious and why people do not remember who they are or where they are from etc. 

    Our milky way is actually a system that is supposed to plug into Andromeda M31 Gate which is where we came of as a larger macrocosmic galactic system. 

    So the archetypes on a  5D level will run parts of their morphogenetic structures and that provide manifest templates for us to do our great works through but because of some of the distortions here and what has been falsely or artificially overlaid through the arcana will also manifest programs that run unconsciously, subconscious, and consciously that create extreme bipolar imbalances in consciousness of life fields in these systems. 

    So this manifests essentially as the 36 dramas we see in Greek Tragedy plays. This is also connected to the 666 mutation of the light cells which occurs when anything living goes through the fetal integration process down here in the planetary system 'under the sun and stars'. A victim victimizer program and retrovirus is also interconnected with everything I'm talking about. 

    This is what runs the cycles until you go psycho and ends up with a build up of DhanE Co Hara karmic miasmic bleed throughs in radial body structures and buildup in the fields which furthers amplifies the electromagnetic divisions and blocks in consciousness furthering separation and furthers the probability that what was once an eternal life being with sovereign energetic integrity that seeded and incarnated itself here, will not make it out of the tube torus alpha omega wormhole mobius strip time loop with it's forced reincarnation external artificial merkabic machine. Fib of No Chi. Get it? 

    Anyways...that's the cliff notes. Happy processing. :-)

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