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    Mindful Adept

    Attempting to astral project at night is a common mistake beginners make. At night or at the end of the day, the body and mind are tired and this will rather cause you to black out and fall asleep instead of projecting successfully. The hours in the early mornings are the best time for me to work on astral projection (AP), especially right after you have woken up. I call the state between being asleep and waking up the ‘twilight zone’ and love to zone out here for a bit before I wake up and start off my day. From this relaxed mindstate, it is much easier to fall back asleep while staying present and awake in your mind. After having slept your body and mind is rested and you’re already close to a state of AP. Other reasons why it is recommendable to try this in the morning is because the melatonin levels are high, you have a fresh start not being affected by what you experienced the day before and when you wake up and start the new day the cortisol levels start to build up which makes you alert. Being alert while letting your body fall asleep is the key to a successful AP. Looking from the perspective of brainwaves, during the morning in a relaxed state your brainwave frequencies range from 4-8 hz. which are the desirable theta waves one is looking to reach a hypnagogic state.

    In case you want to prevent waking up too late it is better to drink a glass of water before going to bed so you wake up naturally than setting an alarm, which will abruptly give your mind the signal that one needs to be alert and awake immediately, which is the number one cause of our morning moods.

    Other points to pay attention to is to turn off your phone and put out all the electronic devices present in the room, no distractions. Allow yourself to move into this state rather than forcing yourself in it. Also, keep a dream journal!

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    Alex Tarris

    Agree the morning is best. This is covered in the greatest detail in one of my other posts reposted here below:

    This is the best training so far for projection and lucidity etc. the term is called entering "The Phase". In the metaphysical field no other specific practice and training program has ever conducted such a massive amount of research in order to perfect the system. So what comes through this youtube workshop or this guy's book is built on tens of thousands of hours or more of people showing what works and what doesn;t.

    6 hour workshop covering all this 


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