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    Mindful Adept

    There’s a meditation called tratak, which basically involves you looking/gazing into a lit candle and just focusing on that. I’d recommend this method of meditation for anyone, especially for beginners because it develops and strengthens your focus/concentration which when more advanced, you can meditate with your eyes closed and not fall asleep...

    Another great technique is just to observe your inhale and exhale... Just put your whole focus on your inhalation and exhalation.

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    Kinildson Géssio Pesignelli

    Sit down 2 meditate.
    Do it after had slept already.

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    Alex Tarris

    A fast way to get to the ability to meditate like an advanced yogi is to train the brain with entrainment tracks to mirror that of those advanced brains. It truly is possible to shortcut this process although I will say that I really have only found one company to have the best entrainment technology and that has specifically done great study and work to create tracks based off extensive neurofeedback and QEEG scans of advanced practiitoners as well as other geniuses or high performing individuals.

    Here is a free track of your choice to get started:

    Also consider taking Lions mane mushroom this is one of the better brands for the price:

    Another top brand is Mushroom Wisdom with Amyloban being the strongest extraction on the market. That company has also done the most extensive research in Japan on lions mane. 

    The combination of taking lions mane to stimulate neurotrophic factors will help you re-wire your brain very quickly. Also to stimulate BDNF consider doing high intensity interval training and resistance training 3 times a week as that is one of the top ways. Also look into Intermittent Fasting protocols as that is another top way. 

    Dietary wise do not take any stimulants. Consider taking foods that increase neurotransmitter levels like L Tryptophan and also Numi brand Green Tea (1 cup daily). If you eat bananas you can scrape the inside of a banana peal to get lots of Dopamine. 

    Consider picking up sun gazing. 

    Also take Fermented Skate Liver Oil. Take 4 caps with dinner. 

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