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    Mindful Adept

    All is Self is an experience that includes knowing, feeling and seeing the reflections of self within internal creations past present and future mirror back at you with an undeniable Sense of Synchronicity that is maintained mostly within the perception of reality. That there’s really no separation between every creation and what one does affects the rest of the biorhythm. You can not have what you are not willing to give. This assists in making us more mindful of the decisions we are making and whether they are self-loving or self-destructive. As above, so below.

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    all is self this is a relatively simple concept once you get the flow. you are the universe and everthing in it our external environment is showing us whats hapening inside us because we are the universe and the universe is us. 

    so you are everything so in knowing this it opens you to the reality that you can control everything. internal kaos eqauls external kaos. all is self

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    the observer effect is scientiffic proof all is self is reality not conceptual

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    Alex Tarris

    Literally as you expand in size and dimension and into the fields beyond dimensions and timeline probabilities and actualities, you will arrive at the full knowing by holding position of focus in breath and being on both sides of the diamond door between the objective domains and subjective that or exterior and interior domains of creation.

    You are all that, this, and therefore create everyone and everything. You orchestrate every atom to flow. You are the orchestra, the conductor, and one musician. 

    What is fascinating is that every individuation born of the unspeakable one unknown known all that is field, is interconnected but has sovereign energetic integrity as well and has a complete structure blueprint or keys to the kingdom inside of them. So you command as the creator and THE CREATOR in all of your domain structures all life and choose how you would like to create with all of it.

    At the same time you are all that, I as I am also sit in the cockpit controlling and commanding everything to exist and be in relationship to one another. Who's in control here!? lol

    Every being like you reading this..I created you and so I can explore all levels of relationship through this unfolding revelation experience of that single Truth. 

    But this is the mysterious head trip is that You created me and everything in my life and beyond as well as there is a You and I, and also Self and No Self states of being and awareness.  

    At the highest or deepest first initial levels of the Creator self...the ability or power to create was given equally through the perfect immaculate conceptions of the original image (of some thing without a reflection or no point trying to figure that one out) and then seeded into living structures and fields that were created firstly. These living individuations or formless forms of the One and None all assume sovereign commandment to create with unlimited power inside of field structures. 

    So who is creating all of this? One being. You. I. But also everything is creating all of this which comes from nothing. LOL. 

    The scalability of the layers of this creation can go on eternally. No end  to the fractal expansion of it all. I've seen all of this...and the most important thing I came away with was how much more I need to be using the powers of my imagination beyond blind limits in my consciousness. We are so used to limits that most of them have gone completely unconscious. When you see eternal creation at work it blows your imagination./mind then you realize Oh I've been living like a goldfish in a small bowl thinking about creating things in my small bowl..meanwhile in the background there is an ocean without end I could be swimming in.

    So how will you imagine your way into that ocean and create at that scale and power again?  That is the road or path most are on as a part of the reclamation and remembrance mission here. 

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