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    Health also involves clothing and organic breathable cotton or silk for socks shirts and knickers and pants or natural fabrics help the body's energy flow and also repel certain energies whilst others man-made fabrics like polyester acrylic, rayon acetate, and nylon to name a few are treated with harmful toxic chemicals during production and also keep bacteria in and affect the body meridians and energy systems.

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    This is a topic have have given much thought and observation to.

    Firstly the basic premise is to ware natural organic fabrics. Hemp and Cotton being two of the most accessible. But in reality you want to ware as little clothing as possible, this allows your body to breath and your skin to be exposed to the energy of the sun.

    Secondly there is what appears to be an agenda to limit the motion of humans. Hence the trend in skinny jeans and tight clothing. I have found jeans are physical mind control, the inhibit whole body breathing and also stop full motion on the body. Thus I ware clothes which flow like water. Often times I have to check that I am not naked because my clothes are so comfy.

    Thirdly the adornment of synthetic fabric not only feels horrific it may also have implications pertaining to the inhibition of a healthy aura. According to my study of Dan Winters work the wearing of non natural clothes stops your aura from growing and breathing. You want to wear clothes like organic hemp that enables your aura to essentially merge and express through and with your clothes.

    In summary be naked when you can, wear clothes that emulate nakedness and also try to not wear shoes in nature.

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