Any advice support for stopping eating meat? I am waiting for my Internal Cleansing Kit so maybe after that I will feel differently?



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    Mindful Adept

    It is probably best to begin with meal substitutes such as Morning Star Soybean products. While not being excellent for your health they offer an adequate replacement, especially in regards to taste which will eventually allow you to wean yourself fully off meat. Meat alternatives include Quinoa patties, Tempe, Garbanzo Patties, Black Bean Patties etc.

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    Alex Tarris

    In addition to that comment, try eating more often...and in greater quantity. But there is a catch!! It must be fruit and not dried fruit. Also make sure your timing or order of meals is good. So never eat fruit with fat or eat a fruit meal soon after eating a lot of fatty foods. If after fats wait 3 hours...but even still I would always try to put simple carbs like that before fat ingestion for the day. 

    So eat more fresh fruits and this will help you cleanse out in the best way and help with any cravings or hunger. The most cleansing fruits are any kind of Melon (doesn't have to be organic because of thick rind), Grapes (always organic), Berries (organic. frozen is actually the best way to get more nutrients in them), lemons limes and grapefruit. Stick with mainly those groups. Ideally try to eat fruit for most of your day until the third meal of the day so that way you are in a cleansing mode all day long. If you do that keep in mind you might feel like crap for days because that is how powerful fruit can be if you stick to the above options. 

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