Which frequency therapy, if there's any that are good for children who are experiencing speech, attention deficit or any other developmental delay would you recommend?



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    Mindful Adept

    Depending on the age and temperament of the child it will determine what sound therapy is best. Play while the child is in a relaxed state, it's fine if the child falls asleep while the frequencies are playing. The key is to elevate the vibration level in the environment and then start building the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra centers. This should be done gradually over days.

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    Alex Tarris

    The best hands on therapy I have seen for these kinds of developmental issues but also efficacy even in adults is Muscatova Method. 
    http:// https://masgutovamethod.com/about-the-svetlana-masgutova-educational-institute/directory 

    You can find a practitioner in your area. Also be sure to read The Method menu section to understand it. I do a lot of research and it's one of the better things I have seen. 

    Also one of the practitioners a while back developed off the knowledge and training and created QRA - quantum reflex analysis
    This employs usage of LED lights at specific pulse rates (frequency)

    Neurofeedback is always great especially that which can train the frontal cortex. The best company I have seen and at the most affordable pricing is: tps://brain-trainer.com/ref/healthhacker/

    The HEG headset would be the one to recommend which allows kids to play games in order to train the brain. Chat with Pete Deusen the founder who has worked for some other very advanced neurofeedback companies as he is the most knowledgable with what is out there. He used to work with Brain State Technologies which is also quite advanced but no games and interaction are required so might not be as appealing for a child.

    You can also have them listen to Brainwave entrainment. The best company I have found is iAwake: https://bit.ly/2QjumvT 
    They are quite knowledgable so you can always message them on exactly what they would recommend. They are lightyears ahead in the brainwave entrainment field through sound. 

    You may also checkout another sound healing technology which is https://urielsound.com/the-science/
    That could be used in a chair or on their bed.

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