Husband suffering from Parkinson's disease



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    Kinildson Géssio Pesignelli

    1. Meditation.
    2. Spiritual healing.

    Take a look @ the book/work of Richard Bartlett.

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    Alex Tarris

    Diane get him taking Coconut oil daily 2 tbsp. Also get him on Fermented Skate Liver Oil 4 caps daily. 

    The best modality however that can stop symptoms in 1 week to 1 month is inhalation of hydrogen and drinking molecular hydrogen.


    OK Diane so your husband needs to do at minimum 30 minutes of inhalation morning and evening so twice daily. Then he needs to drink at least 1 litre or more of hydrogen water. The most affordable and effective way to do this is with a machine that can make both the hydrogen gas and water. There are well over a thousand studies on hydrogen to date with 600 peer reviewed and it looks like it's going to be even looking to the future the biggest thing in research because of how many health applications it has and so far the huge efficacy we have seen. Really looking at these studies and the results they see is incredible. 

    If your husband can breathe it all day or while he sleeps results will be even better. So this coupled with the fats above in 1-2 months Parkinson's symptoms may be completely gone. Now I know I should manage expectations but I can just tell you what I have seen with Parkinson's treatments with hydrogen is incredible. Literally a week or two ago a guy breathed it for 30 min and that whole day and next day he had no tremors! that is from just one time inhaling hydrogen and having a glass of hydrogen water. Go do the research yourself and here is some links below to get you started. 

    The machine to create it is: 

    If anyone wants a discount on that machine by the way just mention my first and last name Alex Tarris to the owner. 

    Tons of information and links: 
    Tyler Le Baron has some good presentations on youtube as well:

    Nature Medicine article - attached.  This is the 2007 study that started it all and caused all of the excitement. 

    "What are the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.pdf" - Is a really quick overview of what all of the studies have concluded as to the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.

    Another resource: 

    Excellent article of studies: 


    more studies here:


    Good video presentation on hydrogen with Tyler of Molecular Hydrogen Institute: YOU MUST WATCH THIS!

    Diseases and Physiological States for Which Hydrogen Effects are Reported as Classified by Target Organs: 

    Methods of Ingestion: 

    And on and on it goes... 


        Essential Tremors: 

        Brain Damage: 

    Sevan if you're reading this, the supplement Megahydrate is not a good way to produce hydrogen at therapeutic PPM in water. It actually contains sodium borohydride which is a compounds banned for use in supplements by the FDA for good reason. Flanagan actually lied about the silicahydride tech he discovered in order to hold hydrogen so his story goes. Sodium Borohydride is extremely reactive and a very poor way to make some hydrogen form in water. There is a lawsuit about this that will be privately served to that company FYI. 

    This product right here is vastly superior for producing hydrogen in water and this is backed up by doing tests with a BlueReagent and also a very expensive meter from Russia that can determine PPM of hydrogen in water.


    I do provide health advice for free as well about all this and more you can reach me anytime at my website


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