What are the best PH drops to add to water?



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    Hands down Cell Food. Thank you for using Mindfuldesk.

    The world’s no. 1-selling oxygen + nutrient supplement for 50 years, used and relied on in over 90 countries around the world.

    CELLFOOD’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells— cleaning and tuning up all the body’s systems throughout the day. Mix with purified water or juice.

    It naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping to support overall improved energy endurance and natural health.

    Manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Standards by NuScience Corporation— an FDA-compliant manufacturer with third-party cGMP certification by the prestigious Natural Product Association. Accept no substitutes.



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    Are these drops a sufficient replacement for seawater trace minerals or an addition? Basically should I bring it into my trace minerals I already use or is this the upgrade and I should swap it out? I use EarthShift Trace Minerals which is concentrated sea water minerals.

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    Alex Tarris

    Sevan I disagree with the Cellfood product recommendation and it took me a few years to find out. It uses Sulfuric acid to get ions and  oxygen across the cell walls. Seriously...in fact it's worse than that. You know how they are so proud of their 'heavy water' deuterium in it? That's the deuterium sulfate and one of the major health issues our planet has faced post atlantis and post flood is the lower grade isotope of Hydrogen,  Deuterium getting taken up into all life.

    Deuterium pollution is EVERYWHERE and destabilizes hydrogen and even sits in it's spot as an antagonist on a molecular level causing all kinds of issues. I don't think I need to say anything about the important role Hydrogen plays as far as in physical and spiritual life. 

    Deuterium you could say amongst some other things is really at the root of many body pathogologies because of it's effects on the DNA itself. 


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    Alex Tarris

    Hey Wolf 


    Best priced trace mineral product for the quality is this: https://www.max-well.us/Ionic%20Sea%20M.asp harvested off southern coast of Australia.

    and by the way Sevan you can private label with that company. You can get 1 gallon which is a 1-2 year supply of trace mineral from the ocean for $70! FYI other trace mineral supplements are usually taken from DEAD salt lakes or leached off rocks. I'm not saying these sources are bad for you but what I will say is that when you evaporate sea water repeatedly you store more solar energy and also the amphoteric qualities of the water are maintained. Google the term. Also there are other living colloid compounds in the water that also are in network with the minerals. 

    These "life colloids" to quote David Jubb are the source of all life. All biology can and did emerge from the ocean of plasma so that is exactly why sea water historically has been used in a huge amount of medical research studies for treating all kinds of conditions. 

    In fact one of the highest quality sea water supplements is Quinton's Marine Ocean Plasma (learn about where and how it's harvested) which has been produced for 50 years. The stuff works so well the FDA along with Health Canada has made a lot of trouble for the company that has sold it. Look up some of the research studies it's incredible. FDA particularly tries to prevent qualified medical practitioners from giving it to patients in a IV drip because it tends to heal so effectively. But wait isn't seawater essentially almost the same thing as Saline solution that the FDA doesn't have an issue with? LOL

    Seawater remember has a plasma life colloid structure nearly identical to the fluid in and around your cells and this is really the key to resetting the bioterrain of the body which will help cells to take nutrients in through proper signaling (remember that transmitting and receiving electromagnetic wave information to and from other cells requires the right kind of fluid medium so the information in that signal is not distorted)

    FYI little tip for you Quicksilver Scientific now sells Quinton's in 1 litre bottles so the savings is massive versus the little tube ampules how it's always historically been sold. I can get a deal on it also if anyone wants that. 

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    Alex Tarris

    Other things to consider with pH management is creating your own magnesium bicarbonate solution and taking a shot of it morning and night away from food. 


    Take 1 tsp of Magnesium Oxide powder

    Mix into 1 litre of sparkling water

    After you funnel it in there put the cap on immediately because the soda will literally explode out the top so prepare and move quickly. 

    Shake the bottle then put in the fridge. Shake it 3-4 times a day and after 2 days there should be no more bubbles in the water which means that the carbon dioxide has reacted with the magnesium. 

    The important system in the body for buffering all kinds of compounds is the bicarb cycles. So supplementing with a bicarb like this can be quite powerful for many conditions. After you do a shot of the Mag Bicarb then you can also wait 20 min and take 1/4 tsp of sodium bicarb and 1/4 tsp of potassium bicarb in water. Then wait at least 1 hour before eating. 

    It's surprising how many conditions can improve with this protocol. 

    Also proper digestion is key to pH management so indulge in some organic acids from quality vinegar and do 1 tsp with each meal you eat. 

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    Alex Tarris

    This is one of the faster methods I have found to restore pH balance. 


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