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    Wholeness, this is a known scenario that all of us deal with from time-to-time. Have you seen this post by chance about the 5 Laws to a Spiritual Relationship?

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    Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar

    Yes, I have seen it. Maybe I should watch it again since its mentioned now.

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    Alex Tarris

    If you still choose to hangout with these people when you do not enjoy the experience, then you are not being of service to Self. If you still desire a connection with them that specifically involves communicating, then consider learning the art of communication from the standpoint of assisting those you care about to open up to you and themselves in a greater way than they have done in the past. 

    Learning the art of invitational questions while in conversation is key and grounded in true open curiosity about the human experience. One way to serve the Self in the Other is by finding that curious quality in their soul that may have been trying it's best to kindle in them through a myriad of experiences, in order to burn off the husk of disillusionment around their Mind. Can you be more in service to the soul of someone else? If so how would that look? The Soul desires growth and exploration at all times and references a blueprint of sorts before even entering into the body here. Many people are not aware of this blueprint and fly blind...well not so much fly but crawl. 

    If you are really climbing up that ladder then perhaps you can see a greater distance and your vision may be clearer and thus you are in a perfect position to be of greater service to those you genuinely care about that you feel the desire to unfold the next level of relationship with them. Maybe and maybe not. This is also about learning how to discern where to use your time and energy where to invest your creative input as new relationships are possible and forming all the time. 

    Consider an imagination exercise for a second. Imagine you are to go to a far off island for the next 5 years where you will be alone and have all the spiritual documents study materials and training you desire but you will be alone. That's a fairly long period of time would you find yourself missing anyone in particular? Write who those people are down on a piece of paper. Feel any emotions you might feel now on that island, write down any thoughts that come to mind about your situation. 

    Any feelings that come up carefully explore them. If that is too much of a stretch just imagine then yourself having one last conversation with these people in your life telling them you are moving to another country and you won't see them again. What comes up for you? 

    For those you wrote down that you will miss the most what is it exactly you love about them? What do you feel might be lacking? For that you believe is lacking, this is a reflection about something you are not giving yourself. This is why externally in your hologram you see the lack. Self-Reflection All-ways is happening. 

    So whether you realized this yet or not you're trying to be not in judgment and yet you have already cast your judgement on all of these people and defined them based on what? Based on how they communicate with the garbled Ang-lish language (or whatever language they use). Certainly the words are a fraction of the message they send you. So make it your practice to learn to listen better and receive them more fully on a larger bandwidth. Realize that they are sharing much more than the words when they choose to be in the same space with you.

    Turn on your innerself to listen in between and behind the words where you can start to receive their greater spiritual being their Truth and as you tune into that not only will you feel yourself receive more of what you desire with them but the way you then respond to them will reflect the greatest communion of your spirits and less about reacting to the superficial spoken language of egoic programming. 

    If you want to serve the Self you are always exactly where you need to be. You co-create the best you can every moment every place. These people that you have lost interest with, they are all reflections of various aspects of you. Were you not even more like them at one point in your past? So how do we form a harmonious relationship then with our past without getting drawn back into it in a way that is not productive to our forward creative flow and expansion? 

    Yes many people are caught in a repeating cycle of contraction to a certain extent and it does not always feel fun or interesting to be around that. But the true Adept has already gone beyond all of this and come back and to that extent you can dive deep into their contraction and come out the other side where you can then share the message of this with them. If they are not consciously awake enough in clarity, then you be that light and be that clarity and shine it when around them or not around them. If you're bored of them then commune with their greater self and you will see pretty rapid shifts in how these people will then respond back to you. But remember you are not doing this as an intention to try to change them to better suit your preferences.

    You are doing all of this only if you enjoy it and if it flows as compassion. If you find then that the learning and exploring is complete with whoever then it will be easy and effortless for you to move on or they will move out of your sphere.

    Compassionate engagement in human relations can take the form of a practice in cultivating greater curiosity and not standing idly by with others thinking about how bored you are and how you don't resonate with the topic of discussion. If you engage them more and start asking questions about what they are saying you can peel off layers right then and there and people have to choices they can either respond and dive deeper with you by listening to themselves with greater attention or they can attempt to deflect your questions and try to keep things on the surface within their comfortable modes of small talk. 

    One way to discern who wants to build upon a deepening of relationship with you and climb the ladder, is by engaging more in this way as I explained above and it may be uncomfortable for some people but then they will be the ones then to choose to connect less with you. 

    Don't hide your light and pull away, shine it more brightly and see who wants to bask in that radiance with you. You might be surprised all in all what can begin to happen. Love all of your Self. Find new learnings and realizations constantly in the shared experience of connecting with others. Master to a greater degree your ability to find ways to form deeper connections/relational capacity with everyone. 

    Everyone and everything is here to serve you. You can grow through anything. 

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