What do we do after deprogramming and fighting the spiritual war demiurge/archonic template?



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    Melanie Meyhem

    You find other Warriors and start creating 5D reality bubbles! :D 

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    Alex Tarris

    Yea basically go on a retreat ecovillage, check out conscious communities around the world. Look at a place and space with healthy energetic grids, health conscious loving people, and healthy work trade where you can lead a balanced scheduled lifestyle and heal yourself slowly. This kind of place will have a close relationship to nature. Make your retreat and consider even moving out. In the community environment you can collaborate with friends and the need for money will not be there because youhave your basic needs met. As you take the time to inwardly and outwardly connect in a better environment you can focus on what you want to create and imagine into your life creatively . Use that space to develop a strategy for continued service work in the world that is fulfilling and fun. 

    Spend your time googling around there's lots of communities. 

    There are many ways to make money consider buying used or free stuff on craigslist then reselling it on craigslist after you improve upon the quality of whatever it is or fix it. You can also sell it at flea markets or garage sales. I know people that make a lot of money doing this. Save up enough then make your voyage. 

    As far as advanced spiritual teachings on protecting yourself more energetically so you don't have to keep using so much energy to fight and resist I'll share with you $2k worth of materials here in my google drive. That's my gift brother may it serve you well: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3wdWm3IO2BoRzBSQTVQT09zcDA

    I'm uploading more as we speak more of the Sliders series. So start with the techniques below at the website. Then after that on my google drive do the Sliders 1 and 2. Then KDDL 1, 2, 3. That's the fastest way to catch up with 15 years of advanced progressive spiritual body energy training mechanics. In other words even after you do the techniques on the website below you will have formed a connection with your lightbody to your Plasma body which is the last final vehicle and you will get an unlimited amount of energy to pull through your circulatory system first off and second no other manipulative energies out here in the outer lightbody domains that you have been dealing with can match that level of elemental frequency. So just having blended your plasma enough into physical lightbody will be running a current from your core level self that will be constantly filtering and buffering disruptive energies for you. So much more I could say but it would be a novel. By the time you get to KDDL3 you will actually be pulling frequencies from the Core Sun 8 which is the primal lifeforce current for the entire Cosmiyah structures. These are the Rainbow frequencies of the rainbow body but this is actually the final advanced merkabic vehicle form that was not even accessible during the times that these teachings were translated in the Eastern studies. Too much to explain.  


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    First do an (organs) cleanse, take responsibility for all that is happening in your life,

    you are a creator, don't blame others for what is happening, your thoughts create

    your reality,  do positive affirmation even when all is chaotic around you,

    fight through it. Smile, even if you don't feel, turn your lips up : }

    Know you have a purpose, or you wouldn't have found Secret



    My short story: I was taught from childhood, to blame, others for my faults, I had a big

    issue with this, I was brought up in a; Pentecostal family, my dad the minister, we were

    constantly given tools, on how to blame, satan for all misgiving, pain, suffering, unworthiness,

    not good enough, humble, allow other to trample you, degrade you, etc.


    I always knew there's a better way, no matter how much pain, disappointment, and

    hard lessons, I had to learn... but I kept, kicking, screaming  and fighting my way

    out of my darkness.

    Through this process,  I cried, screamed, blamed others, gave up/started over again many

    times,but in my gut, I knew i had to kept moving forward, and suddenly I opened another

    lock, .I became aware of my thoughts, reaction, and physical

    deeds, by being acutely  monitoring myself 24/7.


     I was able to catch the recording of negative thoughts, past experiences,

    that had nothing to do with this( now moment,) I was able to instantaneously replace the dark

    energy/thoughts with light energy, as the years went on I got quicker and quicker at catching

    the dark side and balancing it with light, I thanked my dark thoughts for the experience it

    allotted me,and helping to develop my creative skills, love, positive thought, enhancing my

    light, balancing my energies, observing my reactions...etc


    I confused, (Everyone must believe like me), with truth,  when another individual voiced their opinion, I 

    realized, we all grow at different paces, not everyone's truth is my truth.


    All I'm trying to say is, know you are,( the creator of your reality), be it wholeness or chaotic, pay

    attention to your thoughts, your energy behind specific thoughts, is that energy 

    Intensely positive or intensely negative, what happened to you in the past (isn't now)

    when  neg energy revisit's, thank it for all you've learned from it, pain, confusion, whatever

    it is., cry if you have to , (you are here now), that means you survived, I can only speak for

    myself ( These experiences were needed to awaken me, and get me moving 

    in the direction of my true life's path/mission.)

    I learned a long time ago, to look at my negative experiences, as, okay what do I need

    to learn from this?, it wasn't always easy, again, I cried a lot, blamed others, until I realize my realities

    were my creations,.

    Just know, all is good when you realize who you really are, your own creator/creative- creations


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    The above post reply is  to Asayu Daniel

    Hopefully Asayu found the answer

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