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    Alex Tarris

    This spiritual document or outline from a Module workshop should satisfy your question. This is a compilation of several diagrams and other slides from a presentation of multiple workshops taking parts from them and making this module. The module can actually be found by joining KS Newcomers facebook group then looking in the files section for it put on by the Kathara Team. 

    If this spiritual material intrigues you then here are more workshops for you to peruse...All of this is the teachings on how to take your body through the full transmutation to transfiguration to DhA Yah Feication to Ephemation cycles including re-spiritualization of the physical atomic structure back into eternal Pa Ta Or eternal atoms which is the tonal encryption name for that elemental substance in the spirit body.

    More info at where this material comes from. Note the sliders series is an accelerated workshop group on that drive that handles the enlightenment process working on the Mind, Body, and Spirit levels and runs maybe 150 hours total through 12 workshops.

    I"m finishing uploading those workshops to the drive should take 24 hours of non stop upload time. All the Manuals are already there though for you to peruse. Anyone reading this who peruses the manuals will clearly see that these are THE original teachings. I don't even have to explain what I mean. Go look for yourself. For some of you that have been in the ancient spiritual esoteric knowledge research scene for a while it will blow your mind and my drive is by no means all the workshops and material there is much more. So happy to be sharing this now as I have been sitting on this info going through my own healing process for the last 15 years with it and been waiting for the day to share it all.

    here is the drive with info: 

    (also check out the file name in the main drive called Keylontic Dictionary as you will find 'enlightenment' and other terms of interest just briefly explained)

    As I always say if an advanced Yogi had a wet dream fantasy of metaphysical knowledge teachings and techniques to follow this would be it. LOL. 

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    Kinildson Géssio Pesignelli


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