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    Wholeness Michael,

    I'm Heru, I Trust this reaches you in harmony.  Beautiful compassion you have for your Grandmother, I'm sure she's internally grateful for you.  84y.o Wow!  I can definitely relate, the recoveries within my Family all started with Water, Diet and Cleanses.  So you've been led to the right place, we have some the top healing products on the market to activate the human body and trigger self regeneration to those who dedicate themselves.

    1st questions:

    1. Does she live alone or has a responsible family member living with her.  Do you live near her? 
    2. How's her water intake? Does she drink Alkaline Water?

    1st Suggestion: Our Complete Internal Cleanse - https://lddy.no/5i5d

    The Complete Internal Cleansing Kit™ allows the practitioner to methodically clean out all of their main organs* in the proper order to avoid merely flushing the toxins of one organ into another. It features herbs and tinctures in specific combinations that have been used since ancient times to bring about the necessary effects. Our
    Kit comes along with step-by-step documentation for correct and timely application. This is the Best Cleansing we have as a kit but there are other smaller cleansing kits.

    2nd  Suggestion: To get a greater innerstanding of her condition, I suggest that you along with her input fill out a                    Vibratory Analysis Form - https://lddy.no/5i3m

    The Vibratory Analysis form is designed to gain the most pertinent information in order for us to accurately assist a Seeker by a hyper-assessment of their needs. This form will be forwarded to a Senior Specialist after it is filled out.
    The methods and information given to you by us should and will be seen as private. 

    I'm the Spiritech currently at your service: Curtis Heru (Name Needed for the Form)

    Wholeness, hope to talk to you soon

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