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    Alex Tarris

    By "Spiritual" do you mean "what are the energetic consequences of having a bank account?" Furthermore could we alter the question again by asking "what are the energetic cause and effects of having a bank account?" 

    I find not using the word consequence to be helpful when communicating because that word for many people seem to associate with something bad or negative when really the word is defined as just the result or effect of an action or condition. 

    So then we ask what are the energetic conditions or even agreements that a person must agree to in order to have and use a bank account. Now we know that Sevan has already spoken extensively about the history of banking and this can also be found in the courses at the Innerversity. In knowing the history of banking we innerstand all of the agreements/contracts that are made with the one who is putting his money to the bank to hold for him or her. 

    The challenge for many co-creating here in the 3D world with various organizations like Banks is that most people don't fully understand and innerstand how these institutions really operate behind the scenes. So participating in the usage of money and banking can have the effect on a person's unconscious levels energetically which can trickle up consequentially into the conscious layers of Self in ways that the person may not actually desire ideally if they actually knew what was going on. 

    But that is always how those in control have operated is to keep secrets and to get those they are seeking to manipulate to agree to terms and conditions in a seemingly superficial way. 

    So I think it's important first to know the basics of how banking institutions are wielding their magic and then after that determine how you desire to participate with those entities or not and while maintaining your sovereign energetic integrity. The true Adept knows how to participate with ALL energies and all systems, how to dance with all of it and maintain free will choice. 

    I can use money I can have a bank account and because I am inside that system I can change it on a coding level the

    MA' AT level, hack it from the inside in a sense because I am already greater than that and truly isn't the pure substance of the creator a part of all the systems that we would refer to as banking? Banking is not outside the creator field. It's contained and there is always a conscious intelligence that has true dominion over Banking that allows it to exist purely because this field intelligence is still exploring it's unfolding and how other creators co-create and respond to it. It has just been a stage in our evolutionary development as a society. It's not bad it's just an old story at this point that really needs to change. 

    At some point everyone and everything may outgrow the need to have banking entities entirely and then it's simply gone or really just changes forms into something else maybe on the higher octave where it is structured in a way that reflects high integrity, free will, sovereign energetic integrity, eternal prosperous flow for all, and much more. 

    Realize that you are are that and beyond all that free from all of this. So when you come from your Authentic Eternal Identity and are able to respond there then you can command how these entities called banks and all their creations will serve you.

    You're the head of the spiritual bank and so you determine the energetic effects as full spectrum as you desire. This is really the answer to your question. That is the True Innerstanding. The Understanding though initially is how might Banks and Bank accounts and money be having an energetic effect on my life that I'm not full aware of yet that might be something I do not prefer and might want to choose to respond to differently. 

    Remember they can have my birth name, they can have my signature, they can have their magical binding documents with my blood dripped all over them, but my True Self is UNBOUNDED and FREE. So they can indulge in a silly child's game of delusion but I am not ignorant, so I am Authorized to use any tool or program they have created and I can wield it for any purpose I so choose. So I choose to utilize Banking for healing in service to this world. If I find Banking is no longer useful then I will simply let it go and move onto the next. Some people are finding this with blockchain and the crypto platforms opening up. 

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    Kinildson Géssio Pesignelli

    Ty! 😊

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