ADHD (ADD) Ritalin alternative?



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    Alex Tarris

    It's rare for someone to know they are truly deficient in a particular neurotransmitter. Who or how did they determine this? Just consider that you might not actually be deficient and certainly taking Metamphetamine derivative isn't going to do anything sustainable for raising which is probably what you know and why you're asking. 

    Look into Selegeline drops. You can get them at generic pharmacy online or possibly by prescription right through your current practitioner. They were using that in Parkinson's because it worked so well. It's also one of the most well researched brain supplements around. 

    Also start eating high dopamine foods (scrape the inside of banana peals as this is rich in dopamine) also start taking L-tryptophan- if you end up WAY out of whack after 2 weeks stop taking it as this means you have a gut issue and you're not metabolizing certain amino acids correctly. You can also cycle the supplement L -Dopa which is made from extracting it from a bean. Also start drinking 1 cup of Green Tea everyday as the Gaba and Theanine content will also help. Get the Numi brand online Gunpowder tea it's called. Use 1/2 tsp in as much water as you want. 

    Address your digestive system as well with a cleanse. Consider taking this probiotic: 

    Most of the neurotransmitter issues start in the gut and missing strains or some being out of balance in the biome for manufacturing enough of what the brain needs. 

    Also assess your diet. Basically you should be working with the kind of high level practitioner that will do the detective work to figure out why you might be having some kind of deficiency in the first place and work at that causal level. 

    Cut out Grains an Dairy for starters. Get a toxin panel of tests, get a viral panel of tests, get a digestive system test (get this one especially , get a hormonal panel test as well. This is just the basic homework before you start taking random drugs and supplements to address something that may or may not even be an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Work with a Functional Medicine practitioner to analyze all of this. 

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    Alex Tarris

    The other thing to consider is your frontal cortex your brain just isn't working optimally. So how do you directly change that? You do it through neurofeedback. The best device is the HEG Headset from this company 

    The cost of the device $2k or under is a joke it's so cheap. Consider that just paying a practitioner or clinic to use inferior neurofeedback equipment would cost you $2,500 just paying per package of sessions and at the end of that your brain might switch back 12 months later. Buy your own equipment that is the way. 

    The other reason you're going to have to do neurofeedback at some point is taking drugs like Ritalin and other Meth derivatives damages the brain. So if you already had an issue there usually will make things worse and of course compound the longer you take it. So neurofeedback is going to be needed to actually rehabilitate your brain and then eventually shift into optimal function. 

    The nutrients and supplements and attention to whole body health will help your brain heal itself faster and maintain the healthy new functioning state.


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    Brenda Cass

    Wow, this is great information. Wholeness 🙏

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    p.m.t.m.l.o. Foundation

    Love this tribe love. wholeness in balancing thought. One love. P.e.a.c.e.



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    Alex Tarris

    Oh I got more for you. Get on Cataplex B from Standard process. Youtube Dr. Darren Schmidt talking about this supplement so you can learn more. Getting full spectrum B's and other supportive nutrients are crucial. There are around 15+ B analogues and they need to be from wholefood sources. These supps are not vegan FYI. 

    if you have any more questions Also I have some good sleep protocols if anyone needs their sleep issues fixed.

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