"Understanding" without "knowledge", spirituality inclinment



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    It sounds like you have led a very unique life. Seems like the only thing you can't explain is yourself, not to mean you didn't explain your situation in a wrong manner but you may or may not have some self doubt, in your mind you may be saying "is this experience real?". It must be mentally exhausting to sort out your intuition. I would suggest to formulate a theory, a unique one, about your experience and then write or speak about it, maybe to one person or many. If your intuition is as deep as you say it is then you should have no problem creating something no one else (that you know of) has knowledge of. You have been given a position where you have the potential to integrate your signature into the fabric of matter and time. Collect input and when the time comes provide output.

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    Diana Sudakova

    We have our uniquenesses. However, when you follow these energies and "signs", you may become a worshipper of 'signs'. Turning inwards, you can seize what is being shown to you. Maybe it is a gift indeed. However, don't miss out by just seeing some 'weird happenings' all your life. There is a life in front of you, withing you. Wholeness!

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