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    Grey Klein

    The term "psychedelic" encompasses a vast array of substances, ranging from traditional brews passed down through millennia to synthetic research chemicals to molecules found in Nature all over the earth. Psychedelics are potent tools for altering consciousness with effects ranging from mood enhancement to a total dimensional shift. Like any tool, a psychedelic substance must be understood and used properly. Failing to do so means, at best, struggling through the experience.

    The effects can be, and for some users often are, unfortunately, negative, unpleasant, heavy, harrowing, horrifying, and worse. Before any discussion of psychedelics, it must be emphasized that these substances are not playthings and they should be treated with caution and respect for their power. Just as a responsible adult would take safety precautions with operating a heavy machine capable of destroying a human body, so too is it important to keep in mind the potential damage to the human being from ingesting psychedelics.

    For spiritual expansion, psychedelics are an accessible and user-friendly tool. Yes, the psychedelic can be a like short-cut to a deep insight which otherwise could only be obtained through a rigorous spiritual practice. What happens after the psychedelic experience is either a striving for the spiritual state achieved with the psychedelic, or a return to old habits and reactions. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that spiritual progress can't be made through an experience on psychedelics, or that any spiritual insight gained from it was not earned. It is our birthright to push the boundaries of our awareness with the tools Nature has so generously given. At the same time, it is just as much of a trap to seek spiritual expansion only through the ingesting of external substances. We must do the work ourselves, although Nature wants us to soar. Psychedelics are like springboards: you leap on, you get launched up high, and you have the feeling that you are flying. True flight comes only when you can propel yourself.

    The risks and benefits of taking psychedelics must be considered seriously by anyone intending to do so. Negative energies/entities/attachments are all over the modern world, and they find ways of getting to us. While under the influence of a psychedelic, it will be easier for detrimental forces to take hold of your consciousness. Even when the psychedelic is gone, the negative energy can stay attached to you. Preventing lower entities from entering your energy space is possible with enough knowledge and practice, but having a professional healer or shaman facilitate or guide the experience is the best way. It may be very difficult to learn everything about setting up a healthy and protected space in which to have the psychedelic experience, and it may be impossible to get someone well-practiced in facilitation. You should absolutely do as much as you possibly can to set up conditions conducive to a positive experience. If you get the feeling that you picked up a negative attachment, understand that such an entity is not permanently a part of you. An energy healer may help with the understanding or the removal.

    Not everyone needs to take psychedelics, and some people more than others experience positive growth from taking them. If you are drawn to psychedelics for whatever reason, do not take them on an impulse. The more intention, research and honor you give to your psychedelic of choice, the more growth potential you have. You can court the plant, you can foster a relationship with the spirit, you can develop a pure curiosity about the psychedelic phenomena, or you can fail do to anything apart from consuming the substance as if it were a form of media. Recognize that you are a collaborator in a conscious creation with a form of energy that is very different from your own, yet just as real. Know that you are communing with an aspect of your Self. 

    Safe travels, and remember: Life's a trip!

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    Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar

    Perfect answer. You said it all. As long as the intention is pure, so will be the experience.


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