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    Debi Thomas

    Maybe he meant to not overthink it and just let things flow because the Universe usually presents things for our manifestations in a way that our conscious mind often never would come up with. The energy comes from the belief that you already have what you are manifesting. See once the belief is there the creation is there but the Universe must create the path so that you will come to experience the manifestation. Some are instant and some take years, but it’s the knowing and believing that make it manifest. Wholeness!

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    p.m.t.m.l.o. Foundation

    Wholeness in balanced prosperous thought. We all have very interesting perspectives to offer for someone needing and open to clarity. We must realize that when we talk about being again or manifestation. That is either the man or womb man looking to bring from the mental womb or realm back here which is also there, but now in need of a physical counterpart and that just does not only mean body if your with whats being said because at times it is talking about a body. Now if you grasp the fact of every mental frequency is spiritual first. When your communication with whatever wants to come through, being mindful of  something may be coming through because of you or someone else. Right, so either way we must be aware and then willing to assist in the transportation from one state to the other. Now persistence is no doubt one of the keys when it comes to manifesting  Believing in things your only at a understanding with so some research or due diligence is needed. Now back to knowing because once you see you should know not believe because seeing is knowing and not knowing is believing; and that's when you most definitely have to have and or use faith. you see. Even more important your core beliefs must not be on shaky ground when you talking true or actually manifesting you see. In closing embrace what you feel that's right for you because we're looking forward to experiencing once you complete what is looking or deciding to come through or is passing through you. Just riding the wave. Wholeness in balanced thought transmitting frequencies. One love tribe. P.e.a.c.e. 

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