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    Debi Thomas

    Maybe he meant to not overthink it and just let things flow because the Universe usually presents things for our manifestations in a way that our conscious mind often never would come up with. The energy comes from the belief that you already have what you are manifesting. See once the belief is there the creation is there but the Universe must create the path so that you will come to experience the manifestation. Some are instant and some take years, but it’s the knowing and believing that make it manifest. Wholeness!

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    you have misunderstood so has the other person 

    sevan and many know uses certain applications it sometimes is near to sorcery especially if the person person/s are not aware of whats happening most do not.

    they all do it on line most online gurus as its a business foremost and $piritual next 

    . For exp. if i wanna manifest an idea, i give it energy..thoughts feelings actions, i visualize the idea, i give it feeling( any positive feeling i feel is appropriate at the moment(which can be excitement)) and i act upon it..

    you also need people time day period lights camera action colors crystals etc etc etc etc and *people* knowing nor unknowingly to be the seeds for your ideas to grow, as icke calls it perception deception or your image which is anagram for magie meaning magic seeds in your imagination through the body grows.

    its not complex everything is a ritual start there then look at every video your  online gurus do the time date and then once you seen the marketing then you be able to understand that you must be in full control of what anyone says to you or gets you to watch and ifs it on tv which is now you tube then its a weaker version of the real thing. the real thing isnt done online. 

    for growth its done in nature just like planting seeds unless you want a g.m seed which wifi 

    g.m seed being intentions manifestation via what online guru says

    get excited or angry i seen intentions happening in both 





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    This might help a bit.

    Cease to allow the mind which is your womb to be impregnated by false media that only wishes to birth conceptions from your energy that it will continue to feed off and abuse. Return to the adventure of the Ancients which is you in exploration of yourself inside out. Orientate yourself with the Stars and learn the transmigration of your Ancestors in the celestial boat and then you will know fully who you are. Armed with the knowledge of the procession you shall know past, present, and future while being able to harvest your own true memories and exist upon them perpetually. You will awake from the illusion that is the life one lives when they are not aligned with their purpose. Memories are energy, don’t waste them. See you forever… #secretenergy #astralquest #innerstanding #sevanbomar



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    • astralquest

      The lodges and cabals that amass power are not just void of spiritual knowledge they are highly equipped with the matters of Sorcery, in this case Technomancy. People will not see balance until they re-activate their Ancestral power based on Facts, Experience, Geometry, Maat which is Math and a very real imagination rooted in Truth. It is intention and manifestation that gives a culture the ability to have an astral home to go to when they leave physical planes rather than returning to one that has been designed without their growth in mind. It doesn't matter what the programmed society chooses to do it is about what frequency you are on and how much you are progressing on your personal Path. What we are doing is providing the knowledge based on experience as to what is the best thing to focus on with all things considered. As a Master you must avoid getting wrapped in others fruitless realities, even if that reality appears as big as a world. Everything in such worlds are magic, except to the Magician. #innerstanding #secretenergy #thecodetothematrix #astralquest #innerversity #westworld


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