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    It’s easier said then done but you just need to trick your brain to wake up in the dream

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    Debi Thomas

    How do you trick yourself to wake up in the dream? This is supposedly how Tesla received information he used for his inventions. I’m a level 1 certified QHHT practitioner, and the way we access the higher self is by keeping the subject awake during the theta brainwave state. I’ve always wished I could do this on myself because I’m not that great at meditating. I either fall asleep or I don’t access much more than what my conscious mind already knows. I will subtly receive answers to questions or clarity, but I don’t experience cool things like out of body experiences or seeing into other dimensions beyond the veil even though I know these things are there. Even though I am aware that time does not exist, I still experience linear time and therefore would find it useful to be able to learn in my sleep since there is so much I want to learn. Any tips or information on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Wholeness!

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    It took some experience to master but you can definitely remind yourself to become conscious and considerate in your astral travels. Keeping a dream journal is a great way to pick apart and analyze where and why you are having these experiences as well as give you some innerstanding regarding your subconscious' expression for this is a doorway as well. So the more healing we allow to the surface to be acknowledged and released we will gain more control in the astral travels. You will be able to ask the right question from the right being that you vowed you would discover from the 3d awareness. It is a beautiful experience indeed, I also and my family benefit from having healing frequencies play while we sleep at night. Definitely aids in healing, repairing the DNA as well as a healthy blueprint in the home and surrounding! Wholeness and Balance💜

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    p.m.t.m.l.o. Foundation

    Wholeness in balanced thought tribe. We all have very interesting perspectives and do appreciate being able to experience the read with. What becomes one of the more necessary questions to ask ourselves is simply. Are you awake or sleep? Are you at the moment dreaming a dream or experiencing one with others. Pause for thought to stop to receive the answer. Just swimming the wave. Wholeness in balanced prosperous thought tribe. One love. P.e.a.c.e.

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