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    Melissa Tkalec

    Remind your wonderful mom that:

    1. No judgements towards yourself and/or others.

    2. No mistakes, all are experiences to learn from.

    3. No thyself. (Everyone basically knows if they are personally ascending on the ladder or descending.) You mom sounds like a definite ascendor.

    4. Appropriately, we are our own judge and jury, and we are also very powerful. Some painful or repeating memories are (reminders) to correct the flow. The energy got stuck somewhere in time and now (haunts) us to understand it (learn) and to (let it go).

    5 Love yourself, love your mother. I love your mother, as she is me/I am her. All of us are in the same boat. Preferably singing and holding hands with one another. Remember to (Love) and (Live) and (Let Go).


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    Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar

    Hello Melissa,thank you very much. I understand. 

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    Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar


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    I'm not going to go philosophical on this or spiritual. Instead I'll choose to ask more questions to invoke thought.

    The most divided, controversial of all topics?

    Did New York just become a major hub for the collecting / harvesting of human embryo and placenta for research and medical procedure? Is this the next booming industry for states to capitalize on?

    Did this happen in New York of all places because more children are born there per day than any other state in the Nation?
    (New York just joined Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshir, The District of Columbia, Alaska, New Mexico, New Jersey)

    Is murder now legal in New York?

    What is murder, are the lines blurred?

    What constitutes living?

    Does the soul exist?

    Does the body contain a soul or does the soul live in a body?

    If the soul does exist, at what point does it enter the embryo / body?

    Do you believe in karma or afterlife judgement by a council or higher being?

    If you murder, does that karmic energy follow you into your next lives?

    I suppose I should enter my opinion on the subject here:
    I will not know what it's like in this lifetime to have to make this decision. I will say this, in the case of a woman being forcefully impregnated, I'm not going to make the statement that I feel that she should terminate the pregnancy nor am I going to judge her for doing so. I just hope that the decision is made sooner than later either way.

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    occasional accidents happen and being on theses types of sites and in this section we should be man or lady enough adept to deal with touchy subjects.

    so i will proceed as bringing a new soul into a world when one is not ready 
    has mightily negative consequences from the causes which creates effects
    this is from experience and from other sisters and brothers on the path who seeked 
    a solutions to a delicate challenging at times topic which my lot offer some support.
    So you trying out mantak chia or tantra or new to this and your partner or partners dont use the medical device poison called the pill or constractdeceptive or you just come of it.
    You have sex make love or practicing the above and you cum
    unfortunately your partner and you inner know its a very close call,
    being human mistakes happen on the path..
    So what do you do.
    Nature its self offers many solutions.
    1st point of call is a mature talky with partner or eers in  why its not the correct time
    concentrate thoughts / meditation then cleanse the room
    you talked so cleanse the room incense herbs sprays etc
    then as you both did the deed choose a amicable date and time
    to both meet up in a natural area to meditated visualize to the possible new soul
    incoming in why its not the correct time this time
    once thats done.
    the lady will needs a protocol of herbs supplementation
    the lady wil also need to prepare her self
    he him her support during this process will also need to prepare himself like being there and try to understand what she will be going through. so man up and be there. listen.
    to be honest its usually better to not tell people outside of the understanding of things
    as mentions its a touchy subject and the other options like abortion clinic have been know to totally fudge up her delicate body and leave so many scars and also the baby new soul body is used in there magical rituals, abortion clinics sell the fetuses remember that. (another post)
    anyway back to it.
    Most herbalists books usual early 1980's or before would have abortive herbs section just in case the below do not fit your body type. there is 10000 of herbs and plants even vege and fruit that can help. 
    black cohosh, mugwort, southernwood, lady mantel, angelic root , wormwood 
    motherwort, most para site cleanse or digestives stimulants or  laxatives will help
    also a good elder herbalist understanding naturopath will understand and no and will help prepare you both.
    Meditation and also visualization in why its not time. also for the lady mediation and visualization on the FULL body and spirits you have to explain why and guidance
    Animal will abort when its not correct time. lets not get all stupid about this
    If you create a possible new soul and its co opted as in mother and father do not want it that or one does and the other does |NOT transmission code will get jacked hi jacked and your bring someone in to this reality that will hurt this reality and YOU this is the basics of darker black magic rituals in why they do certain things also possession, back in the day the real midwife would know if the baby was possessed or hijacked and dispose correctly, Most people example have sex on spirit alcohol drugs on g.m foods, sugar, refined foods, meds, drunk or after a argument or in bizarre victim perpetrator relationships even ultra scan xrays can alta the bio energetic make up now add wifi and mobile phones apart of the anatomy, your creating monsters. I would never take that risk on bringing anything into the reality that distorted.
    Unless you can tell me about how to create and bring in a new soul girl or boy using the different spin cycles??!!, 
    i suggest you learn by this until you do..
    chill out if this gets your easily control ed programmed predicted isms up on what was rite ten d
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    p.m.t.m.l.o. Foundation

    Wholeness in balanced thought tribe. We all have relevant perspectives to help someone center themselves. However another point we may need to ponder on is. Everyone who is still looking to be judge for judging or accepting judgment, Is there own and there burden alone they are willing to bare. Until the decision is made to not pass judgement they will be judge. We all must be willing to stay open to self accountability and is our own responsibility to accept that. Our baggage will follow us. Meaning whatever debt you refuse to pay or cash in before the body expires will build. Until eventually All Law steps in and says this time you have no more choices then boom deal with this and we have to until that debt is paid. The reward is salvation, freedom, peace;... right and and the way we handle that payment.. meaning don't let your continence drop through the process; for this may also determine the degree of each. If that makes since. In closing ask the higher power for the strength to handle the situations you have no restraint on, and the perseverance coupled with the patience when you do. Wholeness in prosperous loving thoughts. Tribe One love. P.e.a.c.e.   

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